Why do we think the people on the other side are crazy?

"We've got to listen to the voters of the other party," John Kasich told CNN on the morning following the most contentious presidential election in US history. "What are the people in the rural areas having to say? Can we listen to them? Can we hear what their problems are…

So stop telling us that we’re the forgotten generation still stuck in the 90s

Gen Xers, are you sick of being grouped together? Stereotyped by our high school yearbook pictures with mullets, high hair, flannels, Doc Martens?

We’re told we’re underachievers, the forgotten generation. Studies overlook us, marketers talk around us, focusing much more on the larger Millennial and Baby Boomer generations.

It’s all…

With nearly half of American adults worried about their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, the emotional intelligence of leaders within the workplace is more important now than ever.

Data released by KFF in late April shows that more than 40% of adults have lost a job in their households…

Navigating Hard Realities with Compassion in a COVID World

I used to work with this guy, Brad. When he got frustrated, he would just pound his keyboard.

You’d hear the furious clicking and clacking of keys in the next row of cubes, across the office, on the far side of…

Boredom buster: quarantine words edition

We tell stories. It’s part of who we are as people and societies — now and in the past.

More than 35,000 years ago, an ancient storyteller picked up a piece of charcoal and drew a bison on the wall of a cave in what is now Spain.

Today, we’re…

We're in a bit of a mess. The United States faces a crisis against a common enemy. Americans are suffering and dying. We’re afraid to leave our homes. We face uncertainties about our health, economy, and future.

We’ve been here before. In 2001.

On 9/10 in 2001, we were talking…

Most family historians have THAT box, the one brimming with old family photographs. You know it’s there — in the back of the linen closet keeping company with a pair of phone books and a few regal-looking photo albums, the ones with the magnetic pages and gold-stamped covers.

In times…

We’re a few weeks into flattening the curve. We’re already debating whether the cost is too great.

Sports are cancelled. Malls are closed. The hospitality and travel sectors have fallen off a cliff. Yes, this does feel apocalyptic.

But, relax, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is here to save us…

Pick a worse time to post your first article on LinkedIn. I dare you.

In the waning hours of the longest bull market in history, I wrote about the growth of freelancing/the gig economy/online platform workers, whatever you want to call it.

Days later, coronavirus turned a corner and the…

Ryan W Owen

Writer / Photographer / Linguist / MBA

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