So stop telling us that we’re the forgotten generation still stuck in the 90s

Gen Xers, are you sick of being grouped together? Stereotyped by our high school yearbook pictures with mullets, high hair, flannels, Doc Martens?

We’re told we’re underachievers, the forgotten generation. Studies overlook us, marketers talk around us, focusing much more on the larger Millennial and Baby Boomer generations.

It’s all…

We're in a bit of a mess. The United States faces a crisis against a common enemy. Americans are suffering and dying. We’re afraid to leave our homes. We face uncertainties about our health, economy, and future.

We’ve been here before. In 2001.

On 9/10 in 2001, we were talking…

Most family historians have THAT box, the one brimming with old family photographs. You know it’s there — in the back of the linen closet keeping company with a pair of phone books and a few regal-looking photo albums, the ones with the magnetic pages and gold-stamped covers.

In times…

Ryan W Owen

Writer / Photographer / Linguist / MBA

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