We’re Not Getting Our 9/12 Moment

But, 2001, at that point, didn’t feel like much else than the twelfth year of the 1990s.

Our 9/12 Moment — In 2001

9/12 was our generational moment. Our country experienced a sense of unity that we hadn’t experienced since Pearl Harbor, almost 60 years earlier.

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Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

When That 9/12 Moment Faded

Even before the coronavirus crisis came to a head this year, the extent of polarization in the US was striking.

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When The ‘Teens Ended

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Today, we have more than 600,000 cases of coronavirus in the US, about 30% of the world’s total.

We Got Here Because We’re Polarized

For some of us, it’s really hard to see the other side. How can we be watching the same crisis unfold and come to such radically different conclusions?

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  • Republicans think more highly of the President. Their approval ratings have increased: from 80.4% on February 16 to 86.1% on April 14.
  • Democrats think less of the President. Their approval ratings have gone down: from 27.1% to 17.8% in the same period.
  • Independent voter opinions haven't really changed, moving from 41.4% to 43.3%, from February 16 to April 14.

We’re all living the same crisis, watching the same press conferences. So, why do Democrats and Republicans see the world through such different lenses?

Inhabiting Very Different Realities for a Really Long Time

…Divided We Fall?

We’ve seen how politicians can win by excluding one set of Americans while exciting the votes of another.

We’re Not a Coronavirus Success Story

We’re not one of the world’s success stories. We haven’t beaten back coronavirus.

Coronavirus Doesn’t Care About Walls or How You Identify

Coronavirus has failed to unite us. We’re not getting our 9/12 moment.

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Ryan W Owen

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