What’s so Great About an America That's Rich With No Morals?

Open America for Business? Money vs. Lives

For some, the promise of a quick reward just proves too much. (Photo Source: Photo by Kuma Kum on Unsplash)

So, A Higher Shorter-Term Curve Is Better?

Coronavirus Will Cost Us Money, But Maybe Not Our Humanity

  1. Working from home can save us commuting time — time that can be used to save the environment, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, spend more time with family, be more productive, etc.
  2. We can stop drowning our miseries by buying things, just for the sake of buying and consuming them.
  3. We can stop over-programming our kids and families.
  4. We can eat healthier food, and stop eating so much fast-food junk.
  5. We can keep checking in on the elderly and sick, even after the pandemic is no longer weighing on our consciences.
  6. We can wash our hands and watch our health.
  7. We can spend more time outdoors and with our families.
  8. We can look for more ways to be selfless.
  9. We can see that we are one world, one human race
  10. We can recognize that we’re not here forever so we make our time count.





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Ryan W Owen

Ryan W Owen

Writer / Photographer / Linguist / MBA